Do’s and don’s of corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way to keep your fellow employees and client happy. However, looking for ideal gifts isn’t an easy task. One has to do do a lot of research to choose the perfect gift. You need to be good at corporate gifts Singapore.

In the process of choosing a gift, there are certain things that you don’t do and thereisa certain thing that you should definitely do. Iof these things are not followed then you would have a bad impression on the people that you gift.

Do’s of corporate gifts

Let’s start with the do’s which is the most important thing to make sure that you could give the right of gift to your employees or the client.

1.) DO seek something practical- Practicality is something that every gift-givers should be looking at first. It is useless to gift a gift that won’t be of much use for the person. If that so the person may accept it for the sake of accepting but would be kept in some corner of the room carrying dust. So make sure that you give something that is practical.

2.) DO seek for the right time- gifting someone out of a blue is the stupidest thing that one can do. That would be an awkward thing to do. Hence wait for the right occasion so that you see yourself from embarrassment. Anniversary, birthday, end of a project are some great occasions to consider gifting.

3. DO concentrate on presentation- Presentation is something that adds an extra appeal to the gift. You can giftwrap the gift with ribbon to make your gift look more exciting to accept. Looks are something that falls to the eye first.

Dont’s of corporate gifts

Let’s get through the dons of corporate gifts-

1.) Don’t look for the cheap gift- don’t gift someonefor the sake of gifting. You should actually want to gift than only gift them. If you forcefully gift things to people then you would seek for cheap products. In such a case it is better to not give anything because cheap products will only degrade your reputation among your employees and clients.

2.) DON’T give promotional items- promotional items do highlight you as a company but that is jot something that all the people want to have. The generic gift is best-loved by anyone. When it comes to your clients then you should definitely not gift promotional gifts. That would be something not be appreciated by the client.

3.) DON’T overlook cultural norms- You need to look for the cultural background and then gift something. You shouldn’t be gifting a bottle of wine to Muslims but can do so to a Christian. Hence the cultural background check is very important. You could hurt someone’s sentiments because of these and that should be avoided.


These are some things that one should be following to have an everlasting impression in front of your employees and your clients.

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