IMOCA To Organize Vendee Globe And Ocean Race

IMOCA class rules would now apply for the Ocean Race as well since they take over the part which was managed by Volvo before. This organization has primarily looked into shorthanded sailing and their rules and classifications are based for such boat designs and race layouts. The IMOCA Class is known to include 60 footer vessels and to manage and monitor their performance levels. Now it seems that they would be taking on full crewed racing as well.

The Ocean Race, which is one of the oldest vintage races of the world since 1973, is also of the extreme kind but includes full teams and today it faces challenges like dips in entry since there are high costs involved in manning such larger boats and including a large crew team. The challenges of this race would now be looked into by IMOCA which will prepare for the 2021-22 ocean race editions, finalizing its guidelines, rules and entry terms.

IMOCA needs to adapt to the ocean race’s requirements which include upwind work. The official marriage of the organization with the ocean race committee would come later; right now the focus is to blend in rules and make revisions to apply the short-handed race regulations to the fully crewed ocean race boats.

The organization would also look into the Vendee Globe race of the forthcoming edition that would start on 8th November 2020. Currently however they need to finalize the rules and guidelines for the 14th edition of the Ocean Race. Up till now, it is known that the Ocean Race of the forthcoming edition will be flagged off from the shores of Alicante in October 2021. There would be 10 to 15 IMOCAs that would take part in the race. The team here would include contestants of the previous Volvo Ocean Race version as well as those who have participated in Vendee Globe.

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