Steps That Are Essential When You are on an Adventure Tour

With rising luggage registration fees and the desire to move more easily and efficiently, many travelers want to reduce the weight of their backpacks and suitcases. It is not so easy to travel light. It requires a change of habits and small concessions here and there to get there, but it is quite possible. These tips from regulars to travel light should help you say goodbye to the extra pounds on your next getaway. For the Outdoor Travel Adventures the followings are important now.

Buy a smaller bag

When we started as a backpacker, we went with a big 70 liter bag! You can imagine? Hello, the sea turtle look. And the problem with humans is that we are a little afraid of the void, so impossible to keep the big bag by not filling it. Our solution for traveling light? Buy a smaller backpack, and do not feel guilty about filling it. The thing is to buy a bag that seems a little smaller than your needs, it will surely be enough. For the rare occasions when you will need more space, you can simply attach items to the outside, and have it packaged at the airport to avoid lost items.

Dress in polyester

Our advice for traveling light is to have polyester clothes. Why? It is a matter that dries very quickly. You can wash your things in the sink every other day and dry them very quickly. To leave with only two T-shirts and one or two shorts no longer poses a problem. This advice is however more suited to hot countries and requires a little more work on your part. For in cold countries, you can buy them once there.

Buy on the spot and give back while leaving

If there’s one thing we’ve learned on a trip, it’s a backpack that’s heavy, and there’s no point in cluttering it with lots of stuff and stuff you can easily findon the spot. The reflex is to take away everything that we think is necessary for our survival.

Now, we realize quite quickly that we do not need much, and that we would have spent the extra pounds of the mega kit of drugs, cosmetics giant format, 2-3 jeans that never dry, sleeping bag and even trekking boots. Everything is bought on the spot, even in the most remote corners, at ridiculous prices, what’s more. As for clothing, it is always a good idea to dress up on the spot so as to blend with the local population. Take your technical equipment with you the 2-3 specialized travel accessories, your favorite lucky charm, and for the rest, do some shopping on the spot! Your back will thank you. The advantage of buying and giving back on the spot is to contribute to the local economy and to make many happy.

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